It’s not about more customers, it’s about more word of mouth.

Eight years ago, Sam Melika moved to Melbourne to set up his own alternation business. After experiencing an incremental growth of customers and boost in his online reputation, Sam is convinced that WOMO is a lifeline for struggling small businesses.

“With WOMO, it’s not only the money or the customers it generates, but it’s about building a stronger reputation. Without WOMO’s support, my business was going to die,” said Sam.

Sam’s Clothing Alterations is flourishing with an average five-star rating and over seventy raving customer reviews, but this was not always the case.

“I started WOMO a year ago. The lease of my shop front location expired so I was temporarily in an office so I lost a lot of foot traffic and exposure. The business struggled in the temporary location,” explained Sam.

It was during the temporary relocation that a neighbour referred Sam to WOMO and after speaking with one of our consultants, he decided to give the Happy Customers Program a try. To get his profile rolling, Sam asked his returning customers to write a review on his profile.


“I approach my customers with a personal relationship not just a business relationship and there was a great response. They wrote me great reviews and that started to build up. 1-2 weeks later, I got a few customers coming up to me from saying they read about me on WOMO and this increased incrementally,” Sam said.

Sam instantly recognised the effect of positive reviews for his business and within a few months, Sam secured a new shop front location nearby and brought his business back on its feet.

For Sam, the Happy Customers Program is no longer about generating more customers or more income, but he derives its value from his growing online reputation and rapport with customers, existing and potential.

“I always give customers my WOMO flyers once I’ve done a job and ask them to leave a review if they’ve been happy with the service and in this way, I’ve generated a wide range of reviews from all sorts of people. A review is more important than getting more business, I value customer satisfaction and I feel very special and happy. It leaves a great impression,” he said.

Sam’s tip for local business: WOMO is one of the greatest tools I’ve come across in my career. It’s given me great support and you’ll feel the result from the first review. Definitely worth a try.

View Sam’s profile here.


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