When Harmony Comes to Stay

“One day we were on a long drive tossing around some name ideas and when the thought of ‘harmony’ came up, we knew it was perfect.”

For Mick and Amanda, Harmony at Tower Hill is more than just an accommodation space.

The property, like its name, evokes a sweet serenity and reminds the couple of their very own journey to finding harmony.

“We moved from Melbourne where we used to work in pressurised sorts of jobs… after a redundancy we were wide open for opportunity. When we saw this property advertised, we fell in love and bought it. The sea change was wonderful and we can’t stop smiling. This move has opened so many personal and professional doors,” says Amanda.

Harmony at Tower Hill is an accommodation space nestled between the rural towns of Warrnambool and Port Fairy. With ocean views, pet friendly units and 5 acres of undisturbed space, the business attracts visitors from all over Australia.


The pair first got started on the site with the delivery of seven structures that were once used as portable classrooms. With the help of local builders, Mick and Amanda slowly renovated them into a modern, stylish, accommodation space.

“We are more than aware that people who look for accommodation will do their research and the fact we continue to get people staying is some level of proof that our reviews are working. As the name implies, word of mouth is genuine because the positive endorsement you have, whether it’s for accommodation, a restaurant or service, is unsolicited,” said Mick.

Interest in the business grew over time but getting the word out was a little challenging to begin with. It wasn’t until a phone conversation with an interested traveller that got the ball rolling.

“One of our guests called and Mick was very helpful. Out of nowhere, we later got the most beautiful handwritten letter of thanks in a calligraphy pen. She put a WOMO card in the letter and when we looked it up, it sounded interesting. The more opportunity to promote our business in a positive light, the better,” explained Amanda.


The accommodation scored extra exposure when they attracted a celebrity of sorts. The lead dogs from the cast of the film “Odd Ball” stayed in one of three pet friendly units for three weeks.

“They were definitely the most interesting guests we’ve had.”


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