Reviews Build Rapport for New Plumber

Customer trust and rapport can take years to build but for first-time business owner and plumber, Luke from 4 Elements Plumbing, the Happy Customers Program has given him a platform to boost his word-of-mouth.

Luke launched his mobile plumbing business from scratch over a year ago and since its conception, 4 Elements Plumbing has been focusing on its online reputation.

“I strongly believe in online marketing. Everything is online and if you’re not online, then you’re not present. If they can’t find you, they won’t trust you,” said Luke.

Luke joined WOMO around the same time he set up his plumbing business with the intention to advance the brand and grow his one-man team. Over the past year, he has attracted over thirty reviews with an average five-star rating and has noticed a positive rapport starting to build.

“Building reviews is important because lots of people love referrals. My reputation has grown and that’s why it’s been good, it’s been worth the investment,” he said.


For customers, long established brands are easily trusted because of their existing reputation but for new and small businesses, likes 4 Element Plumbing, accelerating an online reputation takes hard work and effort. After each job he completes, Luke leaves his business card along with a review us flyer and reminds customers to leave a review when he emails his invoice.

“Building rapport takes a while but if you put yourself in the customer’s shoes, you would hire a plumber referred by a friend. It’s all about word of mouth. WOMO brings that to the table,” he said.

Luke wants steady growth for his business and aims to grow his team. With WOMO right by his side, it will be exciting to see where the next year takes him.

Luke’s tip to businesses considering joining WOMO: Be proactive in building reviews. don’t be worried about getting a negative review- you’ll only get a negative review when you do a bad job.

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