The Value of Transparency

For any business large or small, maintaining a relationship of trust with customers is of utmost priority. Trust is a powerful currency but building and earning trust is no quick fix. Instead, trust requires a commitment to transparency- being straightforward, honest about your products and open to feedback. WOMO Business Specialist, Dail Wilson says that in an age where social media and sharing of digital information is ever present, companies who are transparent in their dealings with customers are more likely to receive repeat work and direct referrals. WOMO exists to grow your reputation as a trusted business and to help you along the way, here is how you can be transparent and trusted.

Start a Conversation

A transparent business is easily contactable, responsive and approachable. Show customers you are an open book when it comes to business by making an effort to respond to both positive and negative reviews or important comments on social media. Business specialist Dail Wilson emphasises the value of transparency online, explaining that customers will grow to respect businesses which are happy to receive and directly comment on public feedback rather than attempting to deal with these issues behind closed doors. When responding to customer feedback remember it’s not about who is right, but it’s more important to start a genuine conversation with your customers. For more tips on responding to negative reviews, check out our post here or find out how to start a conversation on social media.

Boost your Profile

An easy but often neglected way to enhance transparency and trust in your service is through your WOMO listing. Businesses with plenty of details such as contact numbers, address, description and portfolio photos is guaranteed to be trusted, above a business with minimal information accessible to customers.

Be transparent by sharing your business details. The more information you provide, the more transparent your business appears. Some details you might want to consider attaching can include your license number, insurance certificate or ABN.

Share your Reviews

What better way to channel trust than with genuine reviews?

Customer reviews demonstrate honesty and when customers read reviews from previous clients, they are more inclined to trust and depend on the brand or product on offer. What a customer can write about you will say far more than any marketing slogan or advertisement. Maximise your reputation by sharing your WOMO reviews wherever you can. Start with your social media accounts and copy testimonials of your product on Facebook or Twitter. Take your reviews one step further and attach a short review on your email signature, physical marketing materials or on any weekly newsletters or communication you have with your existing customer. When you share an existing review, always accredit the review to a name and suburb to ensure authenticity.

For an easy way to showcase your reviews, businesses on the Happy Customers Program can automatically share your positive reviews to your news feed. Read more here.


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