Dentist Bites into Reviews

This April, Andrew Yong from Devon Street Dental Clinic will be celebrating seven years since opening his practice. For the local dentist and small business owner, joining the Happy Customers Program has helped attract new clients and grow his business from early on.

“When I first bought my practice, there wasn’t much of a marketing expense so I was looking for something cost effective that would still give me a good return. The investment with WOMO has been far better than other online marketing tools,” he said.

Before joining WOMO, Andrew experimented with Google AdWords and SEO tools but as the costs piled up, he chose to focus on promoting his online reviews through the Happy Customers Program.

Andrew first found WOMO whilst browsing another business’ profiles and as a reviewer himself, Andrew understands the power of reviews.

“When I came across WOMO, I thought it was a good idea with real people who put up proper reviews. I liked the idea of honesty and realistic experiences,” he explained.

In particular, Andrew appreciates the opportunity to respond to negative reviews on his profile through the Happy Customers Program.

“The majority of our customers have a good experience with my business, but you will always get a few negative reviews. Nobody is perfect but I think customers appreciate it when you get back to them,” he said.

Through conversations with his customers, Andrew has noticed many customers who have located him through WOMO, read the reviews, and have chosen to come to his clinic.


Andrew and his team encourage customer feedback with additional marketing tools provided by WOMO. After a half-yearly check up and clean, Devon Street Dental include a WOMO review pamphlet along with a special gift to encourage reviews.

“The bulk of our bread and butter work comes from check-ups and cleans and whenever they come in for that, we give them a special gift to encourage them to leave reviews. That’s how we get the majority of our reviews,” said Andrew.

Since joining the Happy Customers Program in 2012, Andrew has accumulated 177 reviews, with an average 5 star rating.

Andrew says investing in the Happy Customers Program has been a miniscule cost compared to other online marketing tools and has exposed his profile to clients across Melbourne, giving Andrew a platform to showcase his honesty and professionalism.
For other small businesses starting out on WOMO or looking for a cost effective and results driven marketing option, Andrew says:

“If you’re just starting out, give the Happy Customers Program a try. There’s really nothing to lose. For the amount you invest, you’ll get tenfold back.”

Visit Devon Street Dental Clinic’s online profile here to take a look for yourself!


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