Honesty is the Best Policy

As experts in health insurance comparison, Choosewell understands the value of customer confidence and advocates honesty as the best policy.

“The customer always comes first. We take a needs-based approach and find them the best policy that is 100% right for the customer. Honesty is key and we will recommend them whatever is in their best interest,” explains Jayn from Choosewell.

The team at Choosewell were initially hesitant and uncertain about the review process on WOMO but when their customers responded well, they chose to invest in the Happy Customers Program to channel trust and build a network of confident customers.

“Our customers really took to it. We asked them to share their experience through our newsletters and transactional paperwork. I think people are proud to tell other people about their experiences,” said Jayn.

As Jayn understands it, reviews are a potent marketing tool that encourages trust and open conversation, convincing customers of authenticity and reliability.

“We want to make sure our customers feel 100% comfortable with our recommendation. If they are uncertain, we check in with them and empower our staff to check in with them and follow up with them. If they’re unsure, we invite them to check us out on WOMO. It helps dispel any thoughts,” explained Jayn.

Choosewell directs customers and clients to their WOMO reviews page through their newsletters, widgets and emails, always looking for opportunities to share previous customer testimonials with prospective clients.

“Once a customer has made a purchase, we send them an email asking them to review us. We use these reviews in other parts of our site and across our marketing. It’s working really well for us, we get some fantastic reviews,” Jayn said.

With 82 reviews and an average five-star rating, Choosewell’s collection of reviews bolster team spirit and motivate employees. When a negative review surfaces, the team is quick to resolve the issue and retain a standard of confidence and honesty. View their profile here.

For new businesses on WOMO, Jayn recommends:

  • Drive customers to your site with stamps, links on external communications and transactional emails.
  • Add a WOMO widget to your Facebook page.
  • Use your reviews across your site and on other marketing channels.


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