3 Ways to Use Social Media

When you close your shop for the day, how do you ensure your business remains relevant to customers? In today’s mobile dominated society, traditional 9-5 hours are no longer enough to keep your customers engaged. The trick to around-the-clock interest is investing in an online presence and engaging with your customers throughout the day. Here are 3 ways to leverage social media to keep your customers interested 24/7.

1. Choose a platform and commit

As a small business owner, knowing where to kickstart your social media journey can be challenging but what works for your competitor might not work the best for you. There are endless options to choose from but rather than spreading your name thin, invest and commit in 1-2 social media profiles. Choosing the right platform for your business comes down to understanding where your audience is most engaged and active.

Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can work the best for short, snappy and informal posts. Setting up a fan page is easy on Facebook but comments and posts need to be continually monitored. The platform you choose will determine the voice and tone of your posts but as a rule of thumb, keep your posts friendly, relevant and honest. Customers love to read real stories and honest voices on social media so keep the self-promotional material at a minimal.

2. Develop a strategy

They say that businesses who fail to plan, plan to fail. The same rings true on social media. Set yourself realistic goals that you can measure and monitor but don’t expect instantaneous results.
Create a social media plan by considering the type of message you want to convey and the frequency of your posts. Platforms can allow you to schedule posts in advance, making it easier to stick to your social media strategy. Creating a content plan is a great way to ensure you don’t run out of ideas and keeps your online presence active and alive. Write to your users as a friend and add a mix of content, quotes, images, links to relevant information and questions to keep your audience engaged and interested.

3. Showcase your reviews

A quick way to earn trust is to engage in real and authentic conversations by sharing reviews with your social media followers and inviting comments and feedback.
For a quick and easy way to grow your business, register with the WOMO Happy Customers Program to link your Facebook profile and automatically share your WOMO reviews to your news feed.
Customers value transparency so responding to positive and negative feedback in a timely and practical fashion will boost trust in your business and differentiate you from your competitors. For more tips on responding to negative reviews, check out our post here.
Mastering your social media channels will boost your brand and drive awareness before, during and after business hours.


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