3 Tips to Scoring a Great Review

Reviews are a powerful marketing tool that most business owners overlook, but we know for certain that a single review can boost or bust a business. Consider this- you are torn between two restaurants in the same neighbourhood, offering the same cuisine and price. One outlet boasts a collection of positive reviews while the other has a handful of reviews that testify to food bad service and poor quality. Which option would you go with? Regardless of what a business description reads, a genuine customer review goes a long way in developing your customer base. Harness the potential of customer testimonials with our top three tips to scoring a great review:

1. Don’t be afraid to ask for a review:

Asking a customer for a review of your service can be daunting but the first step towards scoring a great review is to overcome any hesitation. Reviews are a great way to truly listen to what your customers are saying. Reviews provide valuable insight what your consumers are thinking and Rather than viewing the response as a personal critique, think of it as a way to improve your business and cater to your audience. Just remember that there is something to learn in every review and even a scathing comment can be turned into something positive for you and your service in the long run.

When you approach a customer for a review or testimonial, be natural. Tell the customer their opinion matters to you and remind them that their review can influence potential customers. People are more inclined to leave a review when they are reminded that it is helping out another customer later down the track. Alternatively, try asking a specific question or requesting feedback for a particular product or part of the journey. Ask the customer what they would say if they were referring you to a friend/family member to generate a personal and genuine email.

2. Be prepared to ask and receive a review:

Be prepared to ask for a review by having a ‘Review Us’ form ready, a pen nearby or a tablet with your WOMO profile loaded. Make it as easy as possible for a customer to leave a review by having a review form ready, rather than emailing them a link or directing them to the website.

Part of being ready is identifying the prime opportunity to ask for a review. Ideally, approach your customer as soon as a service has been completed. This is when the customer is most pleased and the details are still fresh. Take advantage of a customer’s satisfaction and ask them to express what they are feeling in the form of a review and remember, don’t be shy. Customers love helping out other customers by sharing their successful stories.

3. Share your reviews:

There is no use for a great review if it is only seen by you. Start by maximising your WOMO profile by adding in all the required details. Provide links to your WOMO profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other forms of social media. The more your reviews are read, the more business you’ll attract and the more review you will generate. That’s the plan of course. Ask the customer to share their review with their network too and use the resource across other marketing materials such as blogs, your website or brochures.


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