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Social Wall and its Undying Role in Digital Marketing

A picture is worth a thousand impressions at least in the world of digital marketing where these user-generated photos hold more power over a brand’s potential customers.

UGC or User Generated Content ceases to be an alien concept in digital marketing as it was a few years back. Now, as more brands are exploring its potential, it is essential to include UGC in marketing campaigns to stay in the league.

To break it down, UGC is any form of content created by a brand’s users. This UGC, when used to promote a product in the market, has a better chance at customer conversion.

Why should you move towards UGC?

UGC is by the user and for the users. Consumers these days rely on product reviews from people like them. They prefer to hear from those who have already used the product to make better purchasing decisions.

This is the reason why brands today are focusing on leveraging User-generated content rather than creating branded content. This way, brands use their best advocates- their users, to market their products for them.

The Curated Case of UGC Marketing

When a brand uses user-generated content to promote its product and brand values, it opens new business avenues for itself. To curate UGC content from different marketing touchpoints, there are many tools available in the market.

However, the curated content has no value when brands do not have an idea about the channels through which UGC could be showcased. One such visual channel is the Social Wall that not only guarantees user engagement but also facilitates sales.

Social Wall- Your Visual Branding

A social media wall aggregates user-generated content from different social media platforms and displays them in one place. These posts can be an image, review, or a video story.

Given the fact that the human brain retains images better than text, visual marketing channels such as social walls could strengthen a brand’s presence among consumers.

Through a UGC social wall, brands could not only grab consumers’ attention but could also leave a positive impression on their minds. Such impressions later help in building a brand niche which leads to easy sales.

Perks Of Using A Social Wall In Digital Marketing-

Here are the top 5 reasons why smart marketers are incorporating social walls in their digital marketing strategies-

1. Promotes Brand Authenticity

Consumers generally go for content that is raw, relatable and by users like them. Here is where a social wall comes to the forefront.

It becomes the social proof of authentic stories and experiences by the people that are already using or have used the product.

This inculcates a sense of brand authenticity among the target audience and which eventually steers business sales.

2. Drives User Engagement

When consumers feel validated, they get more involved with the brand, thereby creating brand advocates out of them. A consumer’s views about a brand can be positively influenced by means of engagement.

Suppose that a product launch, a brand is showcasing the posts of attendees on a live feed through a social wall. This will encourage more attendees to share the event-news on their social media accounts to get featured on the social wall.

Such kind of real-time engagement generates buzz for the brand and increases its social media reach.

3. Economical Marketing

Social walls offer cost-effective marketing solutions for a brand as it uses genuine content created by a brand’s consumers to tap into the target pool. In a matter of minutes, Social wall can easily curate the best of social media content around your brand over various platforms.

This saves brand time and execution costs that were previously being used for content creation and marketing. Incorporating a social wall in a digital marketing plan, maximizes returns without putting a strain on a brand’s financial resources.

4. Builds Brand Trust Among Consumers

Establishing brand trust and credibility are the modern Must Do’s for brands if they want to go a long way. In times where every brand is boasting of being the best choice, users find it hard to put their trust in a product. This distrust among the audience could easily be overcome by using Social UGC walls. A social wall reflects the user’s trust in the brand. It shows what users have to say rather than what a brand has to say. This sort of marketing boldness puts a brand ahead of its peers in terms of brand credibility. 

5. Boosts Conversion & Product Sales

While the intangible profit of using Social UGC is brand trust, the tangible profit is but of course- the increased sales. When users put their faith in a brand, it ultimately increases brand growth in monetary terms.

Around 90% of the consumers see user-generated content an important factor before buying a product online. Coupled with the fact that ads featuring UGC have a higher click-through rate makes it essential to have a shoppable Social Wall, especially for e-commerce brands.

The user-generated content can be made shoppable on Social wall by tagging products with the posts featuring those products.

Ways To Leverage Social Wall

·       In Events

Experiential or event marketing is picking up popularity among new-age marketers as it creates a huge window for brands to connect with their target audience. While having a social wall at events encourages user engagement, it depends entirely on the businesses how they can play to their strengths. One such quirky idea is to use a social wall at a gaming event where attendees are prompted to vote for their favourite teams. The results displayed in real-time takes the users’ interaction to an unmatchable level, something they will remember for a long time.

·       On Website

A website is one of the key marketing touchpoints that brands usually overlook. As a prime deal-breaker concerning marketing, a website should have both aesthetics and functionality. By integrating social wall on the site, a brand could offer both to its visitors.

The diverse spread of UGC on the website’s landing page brings out the appeal of a website and makes the brand stand out from the rest. From the selling point too, the UGC social wall ups the user engagement, which results in higher conversion and revenue.

Having a social wall on a website boosts traffic. Social walls can also decrease the bounce rate for every time a user is visiting the website and sees something different from the last time. This kind of curiosity keeps the visitors coming back for and which results in improved SEO ranking.

 ·       Digital Signages

 One could see digital signages everywhere these days. However, by incorporating them with a social wall, brands could commercialize digital signages. 

Installing in-store social walls, brands can engage buyers in real-time. When buyers enter a store, they can see the user-generated content being displayed at these digital signages.

This would prompt more buyers to be a part of the ongoing UGC campaign as their images too would get a spot on a live social wall display. But, more importantly, an in-store Social Wall displaying content from existing users builds brand trust in potential customers. This, in turn, drives in-store sales.


UGC Social wall acts as a bridge between the brand and its consumers. It provides brand visibility and promotes brand-customer connection. If leveraged smartly, it could be used to build brand reputation and subsequent profits.

Many ingenious UGC social wall platforms in the market could easily curate, moderate and personalize content for your brand’s user. By integrating Social walls in digital marketing plans effectively, a brand could minimize the content creation costs and improve business revenue.


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