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8 Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy Inside and Out

Beauty and skincare are still very prevalent in 2020. Your skin is the largest organ of the human body and a protective cover for all your other organs. It is the most substantial barrier against bacteria and infection. Keeping healthy skin means, keeping the fence secure.  Skin is like the defence system that we have against pollution and bacteria of the environment. The skin has multiples tasks that it performs all the time. The functions performed by the skin ensures that a body keeps on working regularly and stays healthy. Skin synthesises chemicals. With multiple chemical reactions taking place in the skin to keep the cells regenerating and repairing of damaged cells, it becomes crucial to have a proper skincare routine.

Only a handful of women are happy and content with their skin. Even those who are blessed with inherently glowing skin, do not seem to like their skin and strive hard to get healthy skin. The good part is acquiring healthy skin is not impossible, even if you have had any issue with your skin in the past. The vital thing about skincare is that it requires consistency, without following a regime for over a month or so, it is highly unlikely that anyone will reach the ultimate skin goal.

The pursuit of healthy, radiant and glowing skin is rampant these days, and people are willing to invest their time, energy and money in a skincare routine. For this purpose, they not only indulge in home remedies but also buy products like hand and body lotion, scrubs, cleanser and many others. Below are given some of the tips to keep one’s skin healthy and fresh.


Dermatologists and beauticians cannot seem to emphasize enough on the importance of the use of sunscreen. They claim that ultraviolet rays of the sun are unequivocally carcinogenic. Not only that sunrays darkens the skin, change the texture and speeds up the ageing process. A good quality mineral-based sunscreen creates a layer which helps in prevention of direct exposure to the sun. Beauticians recommend that sunscreen should be the last product to apply on the skin as it creates a physical barrier between skin and anything that can come in contact with skin.

Beauty Sleep

An average healthy person should sleep for 6 to eight hours a night. This is imperative for physical, emotional, mental health and skin. If someone stays awake for more than 24 hours, skin also gets tired, which is the main cause of the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Having good sleep help in clearing skin and maintain the moisture level of it. During sleep, the skin rejuvenates as blood flow increases and the organs rebuild skin cells and repair damage. Lack of sleep also becomes the reason for the release of hormonal control, which gives way to inflammation in the skin. Inflammatory skin is prone to acne and dark spots. A sleep-deprived face is immediately recognizable as it shows dark circles and fine lines.

Stay Hydrated

Water is essential for healthy skin and that too in large amount. Beauticians recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water per day. Hydration keeps the skin moisturized, glowing and healthy. Proper intake of water maintains the elasticity of the skin, which help in reducing lines and keeping the skin fresh. Insufficient intake of water causes many health issues and also makes skin appear dull. Besides, water helps in the release of toxins from the body and clears up the skin. Other benefits of drinking an adequate amount of water include reduction of puffiness, improvement in complexion, small pores, slow ageing and tighter skin. 

Remove Makeup

Makeup, even if of high quality, damages the skin. For healthier skin, it is of extreme importance that you remove makeup once your engagement is over. Skin needs air to breathe, and the application of makeup products do not allow it to breathe. The longer makeup is worn, the more damage it will cause to the skin. Sometimes makeup products attract impurities from the air, and they get absorbed in the skin. While someone makeup is worn, the impurities are not removed as they are not visible from the naked eye. Removal of makeup from wipes, cleansing milk, toner or coconut water clears removes the make entirely while water may leave some of the residues on the skin.


People have realized the importance of keeping them fit and now invest in having a proper diet plan and workout. Exercising five times a week is essential for a range of reasons and skincare is one of them. Workout in a gymnasium, running, walking, jogging, or yoga increases the circulation of blood and accelerates the cleansing process of one’s body. People who exercise sweat more than people who do not and sweat release the toxins in the body more than excretion.

Exfoliate and Scrub

Removal of dead skin cells is as necessary as the growth of new cells. If dead cells are not removed, new cells do not get enough space to grow. Exfoliation and scrubbing should be an integral part of skincare routine as it ensures regular removal of dead skin cells.

Healthy Food and Drinks

You are what you eat. The food that we intake shows on skin, health and hair. All the skincare products are made up of natural ingredients. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and some good fat are necessary for healthy skin. People following a balanced diet always have good skin.

Skincare Products

Skincare products can do wonders to your skin, but if someone applies a product which is not suitable to one’s skin will damage the skin rather than repairing skin. Before investing in any product, check it on the part of your arm or thigh and wait for twenty-four hours. If the use of the product does not lead to any irritation r rash only then purchase it.


Preventing skin problems is a better option than to deal with skin issues. However, if someone does not have healthy skin, he can also get one by following a proper skincare regime. Skincare includes proper food and water intake and avoiding food that can cause skin problems, like excess of caffeine, oily or processed food. Smoking is hazardous to skin and causes acne, dull skin and quickens the ageing process.

Another factor that damages the skin significantly is stress. Stress causes the skin to lose its tightness and open up the pores. While some elements are akin to skin problems, some are essential for better skin and keeping the skin moisturized comes in the latter part. Excess of moisturizer make skin look oily, but it does not mean one can skip it in any way. Before the application of makeup products, one should apply a moisturized that is well suited to skin type. Following a consistent proper skincare regime ensures fresh and healthy skin.


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