Positive Reviews Outweigh the Negative

For most small to medium sized businesses, the fear of receiving a negative online review is crippling. The common misunderstanding is that an unhappy customer is more likely to leave a review than a happy one, and the old wives tale keeps some business owners away from the spotlight. To debunk the myth and give you the confidence needed to get started online, here are some truths you need to hear.

The cup is half full

In reality, 85% of all reviews on WOMO are positive, with only 6% of reviews having 2 stars or less. A recent study shared on Hospitality Magazine found that 67% of Australians were more inclined to share a review after a positive experience and 56% of Australians were unlikely to leave a negative review unless they were ‘furious’. As the numbers show, don’t let the dread of one negative review inhibit your business from enjoying a bank of positive responses.

Let your good work speak for itself

Getting your business out in the open might sound risky but the reviews you receive are only a reflection of your work ethic, customer service and quality of work. If you are proud of the service you provide, you can rest assured that your WOMO reviews will accurately reflect your business to existing and prospect customers. All WOMO reviews are approved and screened to filter out any chance of an ingenuine review appearing online.

A blessing in disguise

If you receive a review from an unhappy customer, Business Specialist Dail Wilson says that there is always a hint of positivity in the midst of negativity.

“It’s a blessing in disguise. What looks like a negative review can actually yield a better outcome for your business as it gives you the option to find out more about your service and give you the chance to make your product and offering better than ever,” he says.

In the case where you receive a negative response, read our four practical steps you can take to turn a negative reviewer into a happy customer. Don’t let the fear of one bad review stop you from reaping the benefits of an online listing.


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