How $5 Sparked a New Business Idea

With over 30 years of experience, John Puyol from J.A.E Electrics has left a positive impression on all his local customers across Melbourne, and he owes his success to word-of-mouth, literally.

Before setting up his own business, John assisted an elderly neighbour who needed some electrical help in her home but the job turned out to offer more than what John had expected.

“After helping my neighbour, she handed me an envelope with a card and a $5 bill. It wasn’t much but that turned out to be my start! Word got around and soon I was working mornings for myself and it was not long after that JAE Electrics was off the ground,” he said.

John’s business is a testament to the benefits of a positive reputation and today, he still makes an intentional effort to ask each of his customers to leave a review after a job has been completed.

“I’ll say, don’t thank me- can you give me a review instead? They’ll ask how and then I’ll give them my Review Us flyer which explains it all,” said John.


Since signing up to WOMO, John has collected 88 reviews and has connected with new customers that have helped him grow his business and expand his reputation.

The local business owner estimates that 60% of his customer base originate from WOMO and recalls a memorable WOMO customer that resulted in a $10,000 job.

“WOMO has been a very successful tool. I get lots of jobs from WOMO and the thing is, for every job I get, those customers are more likely to review me and give personal recommendations,” he said.

John is adamant that reviews are the best tool for any business and encourages his customers to read his reviews before hiring but he finds that most of his customers have already read through his collection of 5 star reviews.

“The type of customers that read reviews are people looking for quality businesses and have done their homework. I hardly need to quote against other people now- 80% of the people that call me are already sold,” said John.

One of his recent customers provided JAE Electrics with a review that mentioned, “It was a relief to find John live up to the high expectations from WOMO reviews.”

For John, managing his online reputation is simple and effective and he says that with WOMO, he doesn’t even need a website.

View John’s WOMO profile here.


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