Customer reviews help us win a lot more work!

Chris from Affordable Solar Solutions & Skylights explains how…

Chris Richardson has been in the building business for over 30 years and firmly believes that anything related to solar or products that embrace sustainable living is the way of the future.
Chris Richardson from Affordable Solar Solutions
A couple of years ago, a customer said to him “I can’t see you on WOMO” – Chris says he didn’t know what she was talking about but once we found out, the idea resonated straight away.

“I could relate to the site as I always use reviews myself – whether it’s for restaurants, seller reviews on eBay, or researching new products. It’s the most reliable way to make decisions.”

“As a business, we prides ourselves on providing an extremely high level of service, so when we got a call from a WOMO representative, we decided to give the Happy Customers Program a go.”

Chris says that about 150% of their new enquiries come from WOMO, and most of these become customers. (By the way, Chris recently downloaded the customer source tracking sheet to better understand where their customers come from.)

“When someone calls after seeing our reviews, we’re pretty much guaranteed to win the work. We operate at the better end of the market, and the WOMO reviews help our customers understand that our products offer quality and true value for money. They’re very convincing.”

But that’s not the only way customer reviews work for Affordable Solar Solutions. Chris says that joining the Happy Customers Program has changed his sales approach.

“We get print outs of all of our WOMO reviews and lay them on the customer’s counter when we’re out quoting for a job. I’ll say ‘I’m just going to have a look at the roof. I’ll leave these here for you to have a look.’ By the time I get down, they’ve decided to go ahead!”

Affordable Solar Solutions & Skylights also displays the “Reviews Feed” widget on their website, as well as the “Review Us” button.

The business has also won Service Awards for the last two years running and proudly displays these in their email signatures.
Website and Email signature

Chris says;

“Showcasing our reviews gives customers confidence that we’ll look after them too. They can see the reviews are from real people like themselves.”

Another benefit has been that the reviews do well at helping the business get found in Google. “All of a sudden we’re popping up in Google more often. We spend a fair amount on SEO but it’s actually WOMO that brings us the best results. One example of this is we come up under ‘Skylight Providers reviews in Langwarrin’ – which is perfect for us.”

Chris was initially frustrated that not all customers seem willing to do a review. He finds that 10-15% enter a review – but now knows that is enough to build up a great reputation.


Chris’ Top 3 Tips for Success;

  1. Be honest with people and show respect for their homes
  2. Actually listen to what customers want and deliver it!
  3. Sell and install a great product – believe in what you sell – if you wouldn’t put it in your own home, don’t sell it! (Chris adds that he has 7 skylights in his own home – eliminating the need for lights throughout the day!)

To sum up, Chris says;

“Everything we say and do reflects on our business. We can all have bad days but we make sure we never take a bad attitude into our customers’ homes.”

So what’s next for Affordable Solar Solutions & Skylights? With demand continuing to increase, the husband and wife team are planning to expand their business and product lines later this year.

See the WOMO Listing for Affordable Solar Solutions here

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