The Real Cost of Poor Service

Nobody likes poor service, but while our complaints may sometimes sound like nitpicking or trivial grievances, the real cost is often a LOT higher.
The real cost of poor service
The real cost of poor service can be….

  • Losing that zing from your day because of the crack in your kitchen ceiling that appeared after your kitchen cabinets were installed. It draws your attention every morning.
  • Writing off yoga as part of your future (and possibly all group excercise classes) after an intimidating first hot yoga experience
  • Missing out on that great job after getting a poor haircut which failed to give you the confidence boost you were hoping for. The tradjectory of your career being permanently altered.
  • Massive costs, pain and time spent getting root canal work after a shonky dentist missed picking up early stages of cavities leading to you needing much more invasive work down the line.
  • Feeling like an idiot because the mechanic mocks you for complaining about a mystery noise that they can't hear.
  • Your relationship going sour when you stop making the effort to organise time together after your last date night when the restaurant lacked in atmostphere and served up average food, and ultimately made the night a huge disappointment.
  • Not being able to take a much needed break because your accountant didn't ask certain questions and fails to get certain deductions – that would have allowed you to take a week break and feel refreshed instead of stressed.
  • The annoyance of thinking about the electrician that put the switch in the wrong place – every single evening as you cross the room to put the light on.
  • The photographer that failed to capture key guests at your wedding. Some of them are now overseas or no longer around.
  • Looking like a picky eater in front of your boss when the cafe gets your order wrong and you request it be changed.
The message here is to think before leaving your business selection to chance. There's a lot on the line and you deserve to get the best service possible!
Pick a business with a track record of keeping customers happy. Choose a business with great customer reviews.

Does your business care about customer service?

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