The Deciding Factor for Customers is Our Reviews

Robin Jacobs, started the iPD Service Centre in Chatswod, Sydney 10 years ago to provide repairs for iPhones, iPads, Macs and other smart phones – but states that growth has accelerated in the last 12 months since customers started reviewing his business on Word Of Mouth Online (
iPD Service Centre
Robin says;

"Lots of people tell us they've seen our reviews – they read what other customers say and it's the deciding factor that gets them in the door." 

"Our shop is small and fairly hidden away so it's hard for customers to find us – but when they search online, they see our reputation, and proactively seek us out." 

"I really didn't think word-of-mouth was that important – but now I see the influence it has over so many people.  Word-of-mouth, whether by people talking or online reviews, is by far the best possible referral system a business can have."

So how does he attract good feedback online? Robin says;

"We're good at what we do and we get great feedback because we genuinely care. We try to put ourselves in our customers shoes and make sure people get what they expect."

While other businesses are shutting up shop, Robin is about to move iPD Service Centre to a new, much bigger location and is hiring two more staff.

"Our reputation on WOMO has become such an important asset.  There are some online forums that just encourage consumers to whinge and complain. WOMO is a platform for both good and bad reviews and it's been a very positive experience for us – and customers love being able to find businesses that actually care about them." 

He goes on to say;

"We try to impress everyone, but if someone mentions seeing our reviews, we make extra sure we won't let them down."
"We love getting positive feedback and are very grateful to those customers who choose to share their experiences online."
"I admit that I was very skeptical at first – but I now recommend reviews and Word Of Mouth Online to other business owners. Our good reviews bring in heaps of new customers and we've grown substantially because of it!"

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