New: Website Tools to help Good Businesses Grow

We've recently created a whole new suite of website tools for businesses in the Happy Customers Program. These can be used on your website to build trust in your business, and increase the conversion from browsers to buyers.

Businesses using these tools report a higher level of enquiries and sales as they give instant credibility, without the browser having to leave your website. Most of the tools are customisable so you can change the sizing and colours to suit your brand and website. 

Here's a peek at the new tools here. But to get yours, click here!

Reviews Feed

The Reviews Feed (or Reviews Widget) shows a live feed of your reviews right on your own website. This can be included on a side panel of your website, or included on designated pages.

You can change the colours and also the sizing to suit your website and branding.
Reviews Feed variation Reviews Feed variation 2

Rating Box – Horizontal

The Rating Box gives you a way to convey that you've got great customer reviews – without including the actual reviews. 

You can change the colours to suit your style and when users click, it opens your Customer Satisfaction Certificate.

Alternat colour exampleAlternat colour example

Rating Box – Vertical

This is another option for the Rating Box. It can fit easily in a side panel or on the header or footer of your website.

Again, you can change the colours to suit your style and when users click, it opens your Customer Satisfaction Certificate.

Rating box vertical customised example

Customer Approved Badge

The customer approved badge is fast becoming a well recognised sign of a reliable, trustworthy business. It can be used on your website, in your email signature, on quotes, or anywhere the customer is forming opinions about your business (and comparing it to others!)

The badge is available in the WOMO colours or greyscale.

Customer Approved Badge

Reviews Corner

The Reviews Corner is a brand new tool that you can use in any corner of your website (top or bottom, left or right). You can also use an orange or a grey version.

The reviews corner sticks in the corner as a "sticky" – letting your customers know you're proud to stand by your reputation and can be trusted.

Customer Satisfaction Report

Reviews corner bottom right  Reviews Corner

Reviews Us Button

As well as showing off your reviews, you can also collect reviews straight from your website. When users click this button, they'll get a popup that asks them for their review details – all without leaving your website.

Review Us Button

See the review form here

Customer Satisfaction Certificate

All of the above tools are configured to pop open your own Customer Satisfaction Certificate. This keeps the browser on your website, but gives credibility to your reviews, clearly showing them to be from an independent and trustworthy source.

You can also include a text link to your own Customer Satisfaction Certificate if you prefer.

Customer Satisfaction Report

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