Best and Worst Industries for 2014

Based on customer reviews on, we've tallied up the ratings to bring you the best and worst industries for customer service.
Best & Worst Industries
First the good… It turns out that we're very happy with many of the businesses that provide us with personal care services – skincare, waxing (yes, really!), beauty therapists, massage therapists, and even dentists. There are also lots of trades not traditionally known for having good service, that we're really happy with. These include electricians, carpet cleaners, computer repairers, and even removalists. 

And now for the worst industries… These were overwhelmingly dining related! Whether our expectations for food and food service have increased, or these businesses are actually just performing really badly, it's difficult to tell. Needless to say, as consumers, we're disappointed in the customer service we receive from a wide variety of restaurants, cafes and bars.

Best 20 Industries

  1. Skincare Specialists
  2. Electricians
  3. Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners
  4. Waxing & Hair Removal Services
  5. Computer Repairs & Service
  6. Removalists
  7. Beauty Therapists
  8. Massage & Remedial Therapists
  9. Dentists
  10. Childrens Activities & Parties
  11. Plumbers & Gas-Fitters
  12. House Cleaners
  13. Nail Salons
  14. Hairdressers
  15. Vets & Animal Treatments
  16. Pet Shops & Supplies
  17. Mechanics & Service Centres
  18. Butchers & Fish Shops
  19. Gyms & Pools
  20. Greengrocers

Worst 20 Industries

  1. Chinese Restaurants
  2. Vietnamese Restaurants
  3. Pubs & Hotels
  4. Burgers & Take-away
  5. Family Dining, Clubs & Bistros
  6. Modern Australian Restaurants
  7. Middle Eastern Restaurants
  8. Indian Restaurants
  9. Bars & Nightclubs
  10. Japanese & Sushi Bars
  11. Fine Dining Restaurants
  12. Cafes
  13. Italian Restaurants
  14. Wineries, Wine Bars & Breweries
  15. Thai Restaurants
  16. Fish & Chips
  17. Pizza Places
  18. Doctors & Surgeons
  19. Bakeries & Cake Shops
  20. Coffee, Tea & Dessert Houses

Remember that these results are based on averages only and there are many great businesses in each of these industries on WOMO (in fact, these are the industries that you'd really want to look up on WOMO before choosing a business blindly as the odds are not great!).

*Industries with low representation were excluded from the results.

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