I like the idea of customers telling the truth about us…

“We are really happy using reviews as our marketing – after so many years, it’s nice to be finally getting recognition for all our hard work. It sure saves a lot of money on advertising too.”

That’s what Sewa told us when we discussed how his cleaning businesses were going (he runs GSR Cleaning, GSR Carpet Cleaning, and GSR Office Cleaning).

Sewa started his first cleaning business in 1997 as a one-man-band and joined WOMO three years ago, with a handful of dedicated staff. Today he runs 3 businesses and employs 25-35 people. He says the business is growing at 60% per annum and he attributes a lot of that growth to customer reviews and the trusted reputation he’s built over time.
Sewa from GSR Cleaning
Prior to joining WOMO, Sewa says he’d been looking after customers but not getting many new customers through. “We’d maybe get one customer a month and we’d pat ourselves on the back. Now we get at least 3 new customers a week so we’re growing at a much faster rate.”

“Most of our customers find us through WOMO, but the best thing is, they’re solid customers. We’ve realised that just as people are looking to find good cleaners, we’re also looking to find the good customers. The reviews help match us up.”

“Most of the customers that use reviews to choose businesses seem to be very focused on quality. Often they’ve had a bad experience in the past and they’re looking for a serious business. We may not be the cheapest because we hold ourselves to higher standards. I aim for 100% every time – and that means that we have to employ really good staff to provide better service.”

Sewa also uses Google Adwords as a source of leads but says they find that these customers are often just shopping around.

“Using the WOMO Reviews Widget on our website helps convert our website visitors into enquiries – so it helps our other marketing work harder. If people are comparing a few different businesses, it’s the reviews that help us stand out.”

“With WOMO, we like feel appreciated – and have peace of mind that our reputation is growing. We really like the idea of moving away from ‘fake marketing’. I like the idea of people (customers) telling the truth about us.”

Reviews are also good for keeping service levels high; “We have regular team meetings and I’ll always discuss the reviews that have come in – and sometimes give the team bonuses if their work has resulted in a good review. They feel the pressure to achieve high customer satisfaction, but that’s what our business is all about.”

“Through Google Adwords, it might end up costing me $100 for each actual customer that I get. I know that the reviews directly contribute to more customers so it makes good business sense to reward staff with a bonus.”

In fact, Sewa has built reviews into the processes in his business. For each enquiry, he sends through a quotation and always includes a link encouraging potential clients to have a look at their reviews. Once the work is done, they send another email with their invoice and also asking customer to submit a review for GSR.

Finally, we asked Sewa for his advice to other businesses. He says;

  • “Be transparent and clear with everyone – staff members, customers, suppliers, everyone.”
  • “I’d recommend WOMO’s Happy Customers Program for anyone that does an honest job. You can try to get power by pushing your business onto others, or you can get power from people recommending you.”
  • “The other thing is to always treat staff well – they are the face of your business and you depend on them to provide good service.”

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