10 or more Reviews gets Businesses 3.5x the Attention and 6.3x the Enquiries

Ever wondered how an extra review or two can help your business? We recently analysed the results across over 160,000 business and compared the phone enquiries* a business receives to the number of reviews for that business. This revealed a rather startling statistic. We’ve long known that the more positive customer reviews a business has, the more enquiries they get, however we’ve now quantified that and the results are;

Businesses with more than 10 reviews get 6.3 times the number of phone calls than businesses with just 1 review.

We also found that businesses with 2-5 reviews get 2.5x the number of phone enquiries and that businesses with 6-10 reviews get 2.4x the number of phone enquiries.

This finding echos the research of Local Bright which found that 65% of consumers like to read 4 or more reviews before feeling they can trust a business.

This shows that 1 or 2 reviews might slightly influence the way a consumer feels about a business, but once a business has 10+ positive reviews they have an enormous influence and really get the phones ringing.

More reviews also get businesses more exposure and businesses with more than 10 reviews were found to be visited 3.5x more often than businesses with less than 6 reviews.

This is likely due to two reasons; firstly, businesses with more reviews show up higher in search results and, with the review count displayed in the search results, is more likely to encourage browsers to click through and look at their listing.

But the second reason is something that is often under-estimated; customer reviews are SEO gold and help businesses get found directly in search engines. The reviews themselves are comprised of unique content about the business that is in the language of customers, so they make perfect SEO content. So, the more reviews a business has, the more exposure they’ll get, and then more enquiries they’ll get.

Finally, we also looked at how businesses on WOMO’s Happy Customers Program faired, compared to businesses with a basic listing. The results were staggering.

The Happy Customers Program gives businesses the ability to add a profile with images, branding and a description of their business and the products and/or services that they provide. We found that when compared to businesses with a basic listing (ie no profile), businesses with a profile had 4.3x the amount of views to their page, and a whopping 13.4x the amount of phone enquiries.

This shows that having a profile really is the ideal situation as you have the business themselves, describing their services and what they can do for customers, and right below that you have their customers providing real evidence that the business is one that people can trust.

*WOMO measures phone enquiries by tracking each time a consumer clicks to reveal a business’ telephone number.


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