Can Businesses Review Themselves?

Can businesses review themselves

Err – no! 

And any reviews found to be written by the business owner will be promptly retracted! 

However, there is a way that businesses owners can upload reviews on behalf of their customers.

If you receive feedback in another format – eg a letter, email or verbal feedback – you can enter this as a review.
To do this, just log in to the Business Owners section on WOMO. (If you don't have a login, go to your listing page and claim your listing by clicking on the "Is this your business?" link.) Then go to the "Your Reviews" option in the menu. At the top of that page you'll see a button that says "Submit a Review".
It's important to note that you must enter the customer's name and email address and the review only gets published once the customer approves it (we're not silly!).

Your customer will be sent a email asking them to click on a link to check and approve their review – but essentially, it's a one-click process. (They can edit the review too.)

Submitting your own reviews is a simple way to build up more reviews for your business without requesting that your customers do anything different.
The more reviews your business has, the more often you'll be found (on WOMO and in Google), and the more you'll convince potential customers to try your business.
Our data shows that businesses with 5 or more reviews get about 10 times as much traffic as those with only one review! And once businesses have 10 or more reviews, we provide a Money-Back Guarantee on our Happy Customers Program – because it's guaranteed to be bringing in new clients (we've only had to pay this out a handful of times in 7 years!).


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