4 Reasons to Claim Your Business Listing

More and more Australian consumers are writing customer reviews and using them to choose all kinds of businesses. WOMO is Australia's largest business reviews website and most businesses are added when a customer decides to review the business for the first time.

Mostly, this is great news for business owners (don't worry – only around 7% of reviews are negative). BUT businesses can do a LOT more with by Claiming their Listings (for free).
Claim Your Listing
By claiming your business, you can…

1) Check and Edit Your Business Details

Most details were added by customers and may not be complete or correct. When you claim your listing you can add a web url, phone numbers, your address and even include a location tip to help potential customers find you. You can also check you're listed in the best category for your business.

2) Be Notified of New Reviews

Don't be the last to find out about your reviews – get notified by email so that you can respond appropriately.

3) Respond to Your Reviews

Whether you've received a positive or negative review, it's best to respond – both so that the reviewer knows their review was heard and appreciated, and more importantly, because it gives you the chance to demonstrate your committment to customers. See our tips for responding to positive reviews and for responding to negative reviews.  This can have a big impact on your reputation.

4) Flag any Suspect Reviews

Occasionally there are instances where a competitor or disgruntled employee might post a fake negative review. If this happens, or if a review fails to meet our Fair Play Policy for any other reason, you can just flag this as "Suspect or Inappropriate" and our team will investigate.

Most businesses reviewed on WOMO find that they get A LOT of customer enquiries from positive reviews – especially once they have 5-10 good reviews. We'd love to help you make reviews a great part of your business too. 

Remember, it's FREE to Claim your Listing…

Just find your business on WOMO and click the link that says "Is this your business?"
(Don't worry, you don't have to have your name or email address displayed.)

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