A five star family trade

Taking the reins of a family trade has its pros and cons but Paul from PJ’s Panels says he wouldn’t have it any other way. After working alongside his dad as a panel beater for years, Paul is confident that his dad has been his catalyst for success.

“In many ways, my dad was the hardest boss to please. He pushed me further than any other person I know and the quality of workmanship speaks for itself,” said Paul.

The father and son duo worked together until his dad retired from the trade. Now, over a decade later, PJ’s Panels has become one of the best smash repair experts in Melbourne with their honest customer service and high quality workmanship.

“It’s so hard to find a trusted panel repairer but once they talk to us, they see we’re honest and they see all the work done through our reviews. There are bigger companies out there trying to destroy independent shops but we’re still standing strong against the odds,” he said.  

PJ’s Panels continues to stand out from the crowd and since joining WOMO, Paul has learned how to leverage his positive reputation through a steady stream of five star reviews and three consecutive Service Awards.

“Our main customers are referrals and repeat customers. Most are ready to leave their cars with us once they’ve read over our reviews. We have helped so many customers and have even had gifts brought back for us,” he said.

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Paul says if it weren’t for his customers, his business would not be where it is today. It has definitely been a journey with humble beginnings when he first spotted a bright orange sticker inside a fish and chips shop.

“When we came across WOMO, we knew we needed to be on the site to showcase what we do.”

“At first I was a little intimidated to ask for a review, now most customers ask me if I want a review first. Our reviews are going sky high and we’re fast becoming Melbourne’s number one choice in smash repairs,” said Paul.

After ten years of running his business from a small garage in Keysborough, the team at PJ’s panels now operate out of a bigger complex in the heart of Dandenong South. Along the way, Paul’s passion for cars has only grown stronger… and his five star reviews? They just keep rolling in.


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