Word of Mouth Online has Doubled our Revenue

Many small businesses are not sure how to go about marketing themselves with word-of-mouth, but Sarah Stadler from DNA Bathrooms and Kitchens says it's really not that hard to get fantastic results. Six months ago, she asked a customer to review them on WOMO and hasn't looked back since.

Sarah says; "We've doubled our revenue and we definitely attribute much of this growth to our word-of-mouth reviews. It's making our sales and marketing process so much simpler. I don't have to fight for the work – we let our reputation speak for us and focus on servicing the stream of enquiries that contact us after seeing our reviews."

Duncan, Sarah & Rochelle from DNA Bathrooms & Kitchens

"We used to do lots of newspaper advertising – but that only attracted a whole lot of price-shoppers. The only other marketing we do is Yellow Pages Online – but this costs a lot more than WOMO and delivers fewer customers."

"Our marketing has really simplifed now – all I worry about is getting our customers to review us and the rest looks after itself. People that enquire after seeing our reviews on WOMO have a high propensity to go ahead. They're not phased with the price – they're just looking for a good job and they're usually ready to start pretty quickly. This means we spend less time in 'selling mode' and can spend more time in 'service mode'."

"We love getting the feedback about our work. The reviews have got our team energised and ready to tackle the next job!"

When asked about their secret for providing good service, Sarah says; "We pride ourselves on listening to customers, living up to expectations, and treating their house like our own." Simple really!

"Basing our marketing on customer feedback has been one of the best business decisions we've made! By getting more reviews, we expect our sales to double again next year!"



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