WOMOW is now WOMO – Word Of Mouth Online!

We have an announcement to make…WOMOW has just become WOMO – Word Of Mouth Online!  That's right, for those of you paying attention, you'll have noticed that we've just rolled out a brand new website with a brand new look and feel. 

Why the name change? We've learned that two W's in a word is one too many and we're sick to death of people getting the name wrong!  (That extra "W" was really holding us back!)  So we've shortened our name to Word Of Mouth Online Pty Ltd or WOMO – which is exactly what we're all about. We're now leaner, cleaner and with a lot more spunk.

We hope you'll agree that our new look is much more current and professional. We're still using the distinctive orange (that most of you love and a few of you hate), and we've introduced some new features to improve the experience for both members and businesses.

For those of you who are new here, check out what we used to look like below.  (Looks soooo dated now that we've moved on!)

Old WOMOW Home Page

This new site is something we've been working on for a while so we're very excited to have it up and running. And if you notice anything that seems strange or in error, please let us know. (We're all about customer feedback – literally!)

For businesses, don't worry – all of your existing links will still work. And in fact, if you've ever thought of joining the Happy Customers Program, it's now better than ever!

By the way, for those interested in our progression, I just dug out the original versions of this website.   When we first started planning for this website, we'd named it "SmileFile".  Check out the original design below (remember, it was 2006!).

And just cos I'm in the mood to see our progress, here's how we've developed…

I think you agree we're making progress!


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