WOMO Rejects Removalist with Illegitimate Reviews

Fake ReviewsThis week, the reviews team at Word Of Mouth Online uncovered some dodgy practices with a business using WOMO’s Happy Customers Program and has subsequently banned them from the program.  (The Happy Customers Program is our paid program which accelerates businesses’ word-of-mouth marketing, helping them build a great online reputation.)  Sadly in this case, the business was found to be submitting positive reviews under a number of fake accounts – a practice which we will not condone.
The integrity of the reviews on Word Of Mouth Online is our top priority – it’s the reason that thousands of Australian consumers base their buying decisions on WOMO’s reviews everyday.  And while firing customers like this removalist means a loss of revenue, ultimately consumers need to know that they can rely on the reviews.  WOMO will not endorse businesses engaging in fraudulent behaviour.  The Happy Customers Program is only suitable for businesses with a genuine commitment to customer service.
The national removalist business in question has since had many reviews removed and our investigations continue.  Meanwhile, the listing for this business is now blocked and new reviews can only be made for this business by customers contacting WOMO directly.
Obviously this business recognises the power of reviews as they have gone to a lot of trouble to manufacture false feedback.  They would have been far better off directing that energy into taking negative feedback onboard, and changing their business to be more customer focussed.
The Happy Customers Program accelerates businesses word-of-mouth, but it is based on a real customer reviews… and ALL customer reviews must be earned, not bought.
We take the integrity of the reviews on WOMO very seriously and will not tolerate businesses that bring this integrity into question.


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