We get new leads and win more work using Customer Reviews

Louise and Chris in the office at Mr VerandahChris Dimos from Mr Verandah has been building verandah's for over 15 years. Today he and his team take a moment to explain their take on using customer reviews on the web…

"We were first reviewed by a customer back in 2007, and at the time, we were a bit surprised and didn't know what to make of WOMO. But not long after that, we embraced the program and we certainly haven't looked back since."

"With customer reviews, we're putting our reputation on the line – but we're more than happy to do that! We've always believed in providing a quality service and we're prepared to back ourselves."
Louise explains that "when leads come in, we send them an information pack. In this we direct people to check us out on WOMO and see what our customers are saying about us. We do this because we know that no matter what we say about ourselves, it's this customer feedback that really counts."
"Just in the last month we've had 2 or 3 customers come directly from WOMO – and many more cases where WOMO has helped us close the sale." 
"We don't know how many of the jobs we do over a year are influenced by our reviews, but our sales conversion rate is pretty high and we're very happy to be using word-of-mouth online as a key part of our marketing. It's amazing how many people will mention the reviews to us once they've read them."
On a personal note, Dianne is also a fan of consumer empowerment. She recently found a great window cleaner and a fantastic mobile masseuse. "Plus, just last week I was emailed a special offer for a nearby hairdresser with great reviews so I'm booking in there to try them out."
"Like me, the people that come to Mr Verandah from WOMO just want to go ahead straight away. They don't need to go through the whole trust-building stage as they already see us as experts in our field."
In summarising, Chris says;
"Word-of-mouth is a really good way of marketing our business – it fits really well with our business philosophy of letting our work speak for itself."


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