The WOMO Member Rewards Program (in a nutshell)

We've been working on this project for months and we're really excited to launch the WOMO Member Rewards Program – designed specifically to recognise and reward people like you for sharing your word-of-mouth.

By reviewing businesses and sharing your experiences online, you're adding to the community knowledge – just like a journalist or professional food critic.  You're helping your neighbours find the best businesses in town, and avoid the worst.  Which is why we believe you should be rewarded for your contributions.

Rewards for Reviews

*** See the WOMO Member Rewards Program here ***

We know you're excited and ready to get reviewing and earning rewards, so we've summarised the program here to give you a brief overview:

Earning Rewards

You'll earn points for being a contributing member of the WOMO community. Different actions will earn you anywhere from 20 to 500 points. Some of the ways you can earn points include:

  • Joining WOMO
  • Writing reviews about small Australian businesses (bonus points if you add businesses that aren’t already on WOMO)
  • Posting your reviews to Facebook
  • Leaving constructive comments on other members’ reviews
  • Sharing compliments for reviews that you found funny or useful
  • Referring friends who go on to contribute reviews to WOMO

You can view all of your points activity for the last 12 months in the MyWOMO section of the website (just click on the 'My Influence and Rewards' link on the left hand side.)

Your points activity is a bit like a bank statement. It lists the date of the activity, what the activity was and how many points were earned or deducted. If an activity is listed as ‘pending’, it requires further verification from our system (which should be resolved within 1 business days.)

Claiming rewards

Once you've earned at least 1000 points, you can start claiming vouchers! The rewards on offer currently include:

  • $10 iTunes voucher for 1000 points
  • $20 Westfield voucher for 2000 points
  • $20 WISH voucher for 2000 points

To redeem your rewards, go to the Member Rewards page and click on the voucher you want to redeem. A message will be sent through to WOMO HQ and once your promo claim has been checked by one of our staff, we'll send you your voucher. It's that easy!


The Important Stuff

As with all our promotions, we ask that you please read the Terms and Conditions to ensure that your claim will be accepted. This means we can process it quickly and get your voucher out to you as soon as possible. 

If you write genuine reviews and other contributions that are useful, you'll have no problem.  But unfortunately, some people don’t play fair and write fake reviews or create fake accounts to try and get vouchers without contributing anything meaningful to the community. We’ve got some pretty sophisticated systems in place that identify fraudulent behaviour and very little gets past our team. Any accounts associated with this kind of behaviour will be suspended and rewards will not be issued.

If you have any questions about the Member Rewards program, send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!



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