The Truth Behind Why Customers Review

With over 350,000 reviews on, it may come as a surprise to many businesses to hear that the majority of customers' motivation to review businesses online, is because they want to help the business grow and to say thanks!

Here's a breakdown of the top reasons customers review businesses online*:


*Results based on 2013 WOMO Customer Service Survey

We found that 37.6% of users were highly motivated to write reviews because they wanted to let others know about a good business. The second most popular reason why customers review businesses online is because they want to thank a good business, with 31.7% of users surveyed believe that leaving a review for a business online is the great way to show their appreciation as a customer.

Interestingly, only 22% of users were strongly motivated to review businesses online because they wanted to warn others of dodgy businesses. The survey also found that despite the common misconception with online reviewers is that they're out to 'destroy businesses', when asked whether users were motivated to write reviews to send a message to dodgy operators, 73.1% felt that this was not the main reason they left feedback online. In fact, only 4.6% of users surveyed were motivated to review based on a negative experience with the business.

While this may surprise some businesses, these statistic reflect the types of reviews WOMO users post online.  When it comes to negative reviews on, only 7% of all reviews are negative (and only 3% for businesses on the Happy Customers Program).

Despite the common belief that consumers only reviewed when they're angry, disgruntled and want to "get back at the business", the vast majority of customers are actually posting positive reviews about businesses they love!

Understanding the motivations behind customers' who take the time to post reviews online helps businesses understand how to encourage their customers to leave them reviews. When it comes to leaving feedback online, a majority of users are motivated to review because they want to promote good businesses they've used but also to thank these businesses for providing good service! With that in mind, if you provide good service and have happy customers start asking them to leave you feedback online!


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