The people have decided – the very BEST places to Eat and Drink across Australia

Thanks to customers reviewing restaurants, bars and cafes where they've had good or bad experiences, we have been able to construct the following lists of Top 50 Eating and Drinking places in each of the major cities.

These businesses have been reviewed on and are in the top 50 because they have had the MOST consistent POSITIVE REVIEWS out of the tens of thousands of restaurants, bars and cafes that have been reviewed on Word Of Mouth Online.

Unlike other restaurant guides, this is the only list that is put together by REAL PEOPLE. Rather than take the advice of one food snob / professional reviewer who bases their opinion on a single experience (and may or may not have some affinity with the business), most people prefer to see real people's real experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly! By totalling up all of the reviews, you tend to get a very accurate picture of customers preference for the business – which serves as a great guide for the rest of us!

The Best Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Australia

Next time you're deciding where to wine, dine or relax, or you want to have an amazing night out, or a lazy afternoon being waited on while catching up with friends or loved ones, check out the Best Restaurants, Cafes and Bars here.  Click on the restaurants, bars and cafes to find out where they are, and importantly, what kind of experience you can expect. Customers are already excited about these places which is why they are being rewarded, we get excited reading the reviews about them and we want you to get excited about going there and sampling what they have to offer!

Happy eating, happy drinking and happy relaxing!

P.S – After you've tried them out for yourself, jump onto and review them for others to read! You can also share any other treasures that you find too (we hate being left out).



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