Submit Reviews on Behalf of your Customers

No you can't review your own business… but you CAN enter reviews on behalf of your customers.

Did you realise that if you have feedback from your customers, you can enter it on WOMO? This might be existing testimonials, letters or emails praising you, or even comments based on a conversation you've had with a customer.

You will need to enter the customer's name and email address because once you enter their feedback, this review will be emailed to the cusotmer, and only published on WOMO once they approve it (they can also edit it at that stage).

Submit Reviews Screen Shot

To enter reviews that you already have on hand, log in to the Business Owners section and then go to "Submit Reviews" in the "Reviews" menu. Here you simply enter the star rating and customer's feedback along with their name and email address.

Why would you want more reviews? Because the more reviews a business has, the more new customers they get! In fact, we recently ran some queries and found that businesses with more than 10 reviews get 6.3 times the number of phone calls than businesses with just 1 review. So it definitely pays to get more reviews!

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