Our Business Survey: The Results Are In

So how effective is WOMO for promoting businesses? The statistics from our end look good, but we wanted to find out how effective the Happy Customers Program was from the business owners' points of view, as well as areas we could improve. (Yes, we walk our talk!) To do this, we recently surveyed the businesses using WOMO's Happy Customers program as a marketing tool and are happy to share the results with you here. Of the 100+ businesses that took the survey, they say WOMO's Happy Customers Program helps them;

  • Get found online by more people – 97%
  • Attract customers that value our quality/service levels – 97%
  • Convert more prospects into customers – 94%
  • Convince prospective customers to trust us – 92%
  • Provide better service to our customers – 91%
  • Makes our sales process easier – 90%
  • Improves staff morale – 79%

(Wow, we're not surprised, but we're thrilled nonetheless!) Businesses also ranked the various features of the Happy Customers Program by importance;

  1. Having lots of reviews on display (most important)
  2. Google optimisation
  3. Business profile
  4. Problem resolution process
  5. Printed, customised flyers
  6. Site-wide exposure (through cross-advertising)
  7. Special offers (included in the emails out to members)

Plus, of the businesses that have some idea of the effectiveness of their various marketing efforts, 66% report WOMO as being more effective than their other marketing. Other marketing generally included Yellow Pages book, Yellow Pages online, Facebook, Google Adwords, printed mail drops, web marketing, and local papers.

Some of the comments business left include;

"This is the greatest marketing tool I have ever used. I will no longer pay for yellow pages as it has not generated me any business as womo gets me 6 phone calls a week and growing as my reviews grow." "I think WOMO is terrific and get quite a lot of business from it."

"Thank you for your recent help in alerting us to an unhappy customer BEFORE it was posted on our site. We were able to resolve the problem and turn the situation around. As well I have never had such successful advertising driving new clients into our salon A BIG THANK YOU" "

I love you guys. My business was really not going anywhere and I have spent a fortune on advertising and the best thing I ever did was to sign up with womo."

"I have customers calling an wanting to book straight out rather than ask me 10 questions prior. I generate at least 6 phone calls a week all making bookings, this site is by far the best marketing tool I have ever used and I am a very happy customer of womo."

"Most of all our new clients have found us on womo i would say we have increased by about 50%"

"My customers are happy to take on board what I say due to the reviews posted on Womo. It takes away the pressure to constantly sell to people that I know what I am doing and won't wreck anything!"

"I'm happy, just as my clients are when they see my Happy Customers certificate displayed on the sales counter – gives a little more weight to sales"

Thanks everyone for your participation. We look forward to an even more successful next year!


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