One Order Paid for a Year of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

C&C Picture Framing started using WOMO’s Happy Customers Program way back in 2009 after a friend with a business explained how they used customer feedback to promote themselves.
C&C Picture Framing Reviews
Owner, Carolyn Hardy says “We thought we’d give it a go – but we were a bit slow to get the hang of it!  Money was tight and we were actually going to cancel, but once we received a handful of customer reviews, we had our first customer come to us from WOMO. Their order paid for the whole year of word-of-mouth marketing! Needless to say, we decided to continue.”“And lucky we did! Now we find that most of our customers either come from traditional word-of-mouth or  It blew me away to hear what our customers say about us! We’re a home-based business so people only come to us because of our reputation.”

In the last 30 days, C&C Picture Framing’s listing on WOMO has received over 130 views a month and 15 enquiries (12 calls and 3 emails). And that’s with only 8 reviews (on WOMO, the more reviews you have, the better your results).

Carolyn is very happy with the response.  “As soon as someone Google’s us, our WOMO reviews come up.  It gets our name out there and people feel like they know us and can trust us to create something special for them. I always check for online feedback myself as that usually makes my mind up – so it makes sense as a marketing program to me. We even cancelled our $5000 Yellow Pages advertising as it wasn’t good value and we have more than enough customers now!”

When asked what their customer service secret was, Carolyn says “You have to do a LITTLE BIT EXTRA for LOVE!”  What a great motto that is!

>> See the WOMO Listing for C&C Picture Framing here <<


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