Once clients read my reviews, they’re sold

“I’ve signed up six new prospects just from WOMO in the past two weeks, two Aussies and four international clients; they all found me via my WOMO reviews!”

Andrea Drew

Andrea Drew – Professional Resume Writer says; “I understood the effect online marketing would have on my business, so when I was contacted by WOMO in the very early days, I knew it was a great match for me.

“I provide a very personalised service, when customers read my reviews online they can see, unlike many of my competitors, I provide a specialised one-on-one service. They know I ‘get it’.”

But Andrea understands that effective online marketing is an ongoing process. “The tipping point for me was around the 5 review mark – that’s when I really noticed the enquiries started to come in. Today I have 16 reviews, and I’ve just set myself the goal of hitting 20 reviews.”

“To businesses that are new to the Happy Customer Program I’d say you need some momentum. One or two reviews won’t get you where you want to be. It’s important to work at it. Talk with each client about how much you’d love to receive their feedback, sometimes you even need to give them a nudge. And once the reviews start rolling in, getting more reviews gets easier.

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Andrea says; “Today I’d estimate 30-40% of my enquiries come direct from WOMO. Once clients read my reviews they're already sold on my services and they contact me ready to start. I say to friends; testimonials are great but they are different from reviews. Today consumers are switched on and they’re savvy. What they want to read is independent, unbiased reviews.”

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