New Widget – Free and Customisable!

For all those businesses that want potential customers to know that you're a buiness they can trust, we're now pleased to announce that the WOMO Widget has been re-released and is now much more customisable.  You can put this on your website to display your positive reviews and build confidence in your brand.

You can now change the width and height of the widget, and if orange is not your thing, you can choose your own colours. The new widget also shows your star ratings – so its very clear that your business is getting great feedback from other customers.

Check out WOMO's own reviews for our Happy Customers Program in the example widget below; 

Did you realise that customers that read reviews are 30% more likely to purchase from you?  No wonder many businesses direct all prospect to check out their reviews before quoting them!

The WOMO widget is now free to all businesses and just requires a single line of code to include on your website.  (If you don't maintain your website yourself, it would be about a 2 minute job for your website administrator.  To get your unique code, log on to the Business Owners section on WOMO and then go to Marketing Materials.  Scroll down until you see the Widget and then click on "Get the Code".

This Widget is like a badge that says to the world that you're a reputable business and give you instant credibility. It's the proof potential customers need to see! 


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