New Feature: Paper Form for Reviews

To help your business encourage customers to leave reviews, we've now introduced a printable "Review Us" form.

As a business, no doubt you know how valuable reviews are, but sometimes our circumstances or our customers can make it hard to collect these online.  Now we've introduced a customised "Review Us" form that you can print and give to clients to complete by hand – maybe while they're still with you, or while they're waiting for something.

Once they've written their review, you simply add this review using the Submit a Review Feature.


Here's how the Printable "Review Us" forms work

  • Log in to the Business Owners section (or click through the link when you're sent an email notifying you of a new review)
  • Click on Manage Your Reviews
  • Click on Get More Reviews
  • Go to the Print-Your-Own "Review-Us" Forms and click on Print Forms. This will generate a form customised with your business name. Depending on your computer setup, this will usually show you a preview of the PDF and from here you can either PRINT or SAVE the PDF. If your computer can't show the preview, it will download the PDF of the review to your computer.
  • Once your customer has completed the form, simply go back to the Business Owners section
  • Click on Manage Your Reviews
  • Click on Manage Reviews
  • At the top, you'll see a button called "Submit a Review" – click this
  • Now you can enter the review on behalf of your client (note that you can also do this with other feedback you've received from clients)
  • Then, your customer will be sent an email asking them to Approve their Review (it's just a simple click to approve, or they can edit if they wish).
  • Once the review is approved, it's published to your WOMO page

Print Your Own Review-Us Forms

Submit a Reivew

Ta-da!! Now you have another easy way to encourage reviews!

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