My Customers Do My Advertising!

Mitch Harder from South East Carpet Cleaning started his business 2 years ago and decided to promote it using word-of-mouth online.  

Mitch from South East Carpet Cleaning“I’m a huge fan of Word Of Mouth Online because it means I get the best types of customers, and then my customers basically do my advertising for me!”

“I do all the work myself, and when people tell me they’re happy, I give them a flyer and ask them to review me on WOMO.  It really is that simple!”

The results speak for themselves…

"I get new jobs every week from people that have seen my reviews."

"Customers choose me because they can see that other customers are very happy with the work I do – it's very convincing."

“By advertising with reviews, I don’t get people that just call for quotes.  People call me because they want a high quality of work, and they’re ready to go ahead.”

According to his statistics, in the last 30 days, South East Carpet Cleaning has had 163 people reading his reviews and has received 43 phone calls from customers finding him on!

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