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Pronto Tax Returns and Business ServicesA year ago accounting firm, Proactive Accountants & Business Advisors (formerly known as Pronto Tax Returns & Business Services) had 3 staff. Today it has 5 (soon to be 6). Sales for the last 2 months were up 64% on last year and they just had their busiest month ever!
Great results at any time, but even better at the moment when everyone else is whining about the economy being bad.

So what are they doing differently?
Owner Warrick Nancarrow attributes their growth to two factors;

  1. A Strong Online Presence
  2. Happy Customers that are primed for referrals
When asked to explain more, Warrick says;
"We do most of our marketing online – and WOMO is a big part of that. We try to give potential customers the best chance of finding us, and convince them that we'll do a great job."

"When we first started online marketing, it was to attract any new business, but what we didn't realise was that we're able to attract a better type of client than other mediums."

"Clients that come to us from WOMO and other online sources tend to be quite astute and driven more by the quality of service, not the cost."

Online marketing also tends to be relatively inexpensive. In the last 12 months Warrick says that Proactive has had "at least twenty-five new clients from WOMO and any one of those could cover the cost of the program, so it's great value for money".
The other part of the equation is "the way we do business". Warrick says their process is more all-encompassing than most, and clients come away feeling like they're getting real value-for-money (maximum deductions, etc). "Our approach encourages them to talk about us – both in the real world and online. All of which helps fuel our growth."
So is this the normal state-of-play for the accounting industry? Warrick says no.
"It seems that consumers have embraced online media, but most businesses are still a few steps away. The idea that customer reviews can increase your exposure and generate new business is not on the radar of most businesses…yet!"


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