Local Tradesman gets 3-4 jobs a week using Customer Reviews

As a plumber for over thirty years, Andrew Moore of Moore for Less Plumbing knows the importance of customer service and he's no stranger to the power of positive customer feedback. In fact, Andrew’s customers were submitting letters about his outstanding service to their local newspapers well before anything like online reviews existed!
Plumber advertises with customer reviews

But Andrew was still surprised at the difference online customer reviews have made to his business.  Andrew's plumbing business has been listed on Word Of Mouth Online for just over six months, and his reviews are having a remarkable impact on his business.

"After I reached my tenth review, I found that I started getting 1 phone enquiries a day resulting in 3-4 new customers a week."

"Compared to this time last year, I'm so much busier. I've also been studying at university, but because I've had so many jobs coming through WOMO, I haven't been able to attend all of my classes!"

For Andrew, online reviews are the modern day equivalent of having a chat with your neighbour over the back fence.

"Price is not a big issue for most customers. People are just looking for tradesmen they can trust. Reviews give them that trust in you before they even meet you."

"A lot of calls are coming in from people who are searching online for a reliable local plumber. My WOMO listing is coming up at the top of Google searches for plumbers local to their suburb."

As a small business owner, the cost of marketing is also something that can have a major impact on his business.

"I used to pay $167 a month to list my business in the Yellow Pages. I’m paying about a quarter of that amount for my Happy Customers Program subscription and I’m already getting more work than I ever did through the phone book!"

As a business owner who says that he works three times as hard to ensure his customers are happy with his service, it's no surprise to see that the power of Word of Mouth marketing online has worked so quickly for him.

"WOMO is the best thing to happen to me in years!"



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