Industries that provide the Best and Worst Customer Service

Based on customer reviews on, we've tallied up the ratings to bring you the best and worst industries for customer service. First the bad… It turns out the new and used-car dealers, real-estate agents and removalists have earned their dodgy reputations. And not surprisingly, utilities, telecommunications and internet service providers infuriate us too. But amongst these, there are a few industries letting us down which might surprise you…

WORST 20 Industries for Customer Service

Remember that these results are based on averages only and there are many great businesses in each of these industries on WOMO (in fact, these are the industries that you'd really want to look up on WOMO before choosing a business blindly as the odds are not great!). And now for the best industries… and there are more surprises here. Wedding businesses are well represented (does this reflect how we feel on the day?), we love our allied health services and we're also very happy with the pet minding services we use…

TOP 20 Industries for Customer Service

Does this mean that some industries actually possess more of a customer service focus? Is it easier to provide great service in some business types over others? Or are our expectations out of wack for certain types of services? And which type of industry would you rather be in – one with a reputation for great service, or one where it might be easier to shine? Agree or disagree? Add your experience to the mix by reviewing the businesses you've used recently on

*Industries with low representation were excluded from these results.


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