Hair Salon Achieves 6x Growth

“I’m standing here looking around at the salon and I honestly can’t believe it’s mine!” 
Kate Henderson in her salon

Kate Henderson bought Elysium Hair and Beauty 5 years ago when it was a one-girl hairdressing business with no marketing and no particular appeal.  “It was just like any other salon – but it had a great location in the heart of the CBD.” Flash forward 5 years and Kate has grown the business to have a team of 10 staff, 21 client stations and has just moved into new premises with a swanky new fit out.  What’s more, the number of clients they see has increased from around 30 a week when she began, to 30 a day! Plus, they recently won an Australian Small Business Champion Award.

So, what does she attribute her success to? Kate says; “We’ve grown so fast mainly because of our customer reviews. 90% of our clients say they’ve read our reviews and that’s what convinced them to call us. After reading what real people say about us, they come feeling like they already know us. It breaks down the barriers and removes their nerves.”
“Customers are the entire reason we exist and so reviews have become the number one focus of our business. It’s our job to make sure our online reputation matches the experience in the salon.”
“When we started, we tried all kinds of marketing but we were always careful to test and measure everything. My background is in marketing so it wasn’t really that surprising to find that reviews through WOMO’s Happy Customers Program worked so well.”
“People are always researching nowadays – whether that’s on a computer or their phone. If you can find others that have had a good experience, it takes the fear away.”
Kate makes sure that her entire team is as focused on customer satisfaction as she is; in fact one new staff member recently said she’s “never worked anywhere that reviews are so important!” Kate keeps a “wow bag” and reads out their reviews and feedback in their weekly meetings. She also has a private Facebook page that the team uses to share information – and she draws their attention to reviews and anything that might need addressing. Through their booking system, they ask all clients for feedback and then ask if they’d mind sharing it online.
Her philosophy on customer service is simple; “If there’s a problem, we do whatever it takes to get a client onside. We get on the phone, ask how they'd like to proceed, and make sure it never happens again. Over the years I’ve learnt that the key to business is an absolute focus on customers. You can have the nicest salon or coolest products, but if customers don’t have a good experience, it’s all for nothing.”
“I know it sounds cliché but I feel like we’re living true to our values. It’s awesome to provide a service that customers love and I’m proud of everything we’ve achieved.”
Elysium Hair and Beauty

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