Go Ahead: Show Your Customers the Love

/>Building Customer Loyalty with Customer Service 

Pretty much everyone agrees that providing good customer service is important, but does showing your customers how much you care about them actually have an impact on your business’ bottom line?  The answer is an unequivocal YES!  In fact…

  • 70 % of a person's buying experience is directly related to how a customer feels that they are being treated.  (McKinsey) 
  • The main cause of customer turnover is poor quality customer service, not price. (Accenture Global Customer Satisfaction Report 2008) 
  • A customer is 4 times more likely to leave you and go to the competition if a problem is related to customer service rather than if it is price or product related.  (Bain & Company)
  • When someone walks in your door – the probability of selling to a brand new customer is 5 to 20%.  The probability jumps to 60 to 70% if the person is an existing, repeat customer!!  (Marketing Metrics)
  • Customers aren't the only beneficiaries of great service; when executed the right way, it empowers employees to make good decisions and do their best work. (Help Scout)

And, if that's not convincing enough for you to make sure that every customer who walks into your business feels loved… 

Study after study has demonstrated that people will pay more to ensure that they get good customer service, they will go out of their way to visit businesses that they know provide quality customer service, AND they will spend more with businesses that treat them well – even if there is a competitor who offers the same product or service for less!

The best customer service is something that comes from the heart.  It’s about the “how” not the “what.”

While there are many “tangible” things that you can provide to improve the customer experience, it really comes down to how the they “feel” when they are dealing with your business.  Ultimately the buying experience is an emotional one.  And the thing that will leave the most lasting impression is how you and your employees treat them.  Even customers who were totally ready to spend money will walk out the door if they are treated poorly.

Good customer service is already the status quo

Help Scout’s Guide, The Business Case for Loving Customers, identifies three emotional triggers that help make for good customer service.

Emotional Trigger #1: Personal Touch

Creating a memorable moment for customers often takes shape through some form of personal touch.
Anything that you do that makes your customers feel special and appreciated is an opportunity for them to “feel good” about you and your business.  Even something as simple as greeting them by name and with a genuine smile will make a difference.  What things can you do to help make your clients and customers know that you value them, and not just their money?

Emotional Trigger #2: Reciprocity

Understanding a social norm that is built in to every human being is a key to earning more loyal customers.
It’s a fact of human nature.  When someone does something nice for us, we want to reciprocate and the same.  This is one of the reasons why happy customers love to spread the word and are more willing to take the time to write reviews.  But remember, the things we do for our customers need to feel genuine and not because we are expecting something in return.  This is not a game of “tit for tat.”

Emotional Trigger #3: Being a VIP 

People are willing to spend more with your business if you give them a feeling of importance and reward their repeat business.
If you have not established some type of loyalty program yet, this is definitely something that you should consider.  Done correctly, rewards programs give customers a feeling of importance and encourages them to keep coming back.  And believe it or not, the name you give to your loyalty program does make a difference.  Think of something that makes people feel like VIPs! 

When it comes to the service that you provide your customers, think about it like you would a romantic relationship.  If you want to keep your customers happy, go ahead and genuinely show them some love.  It will make all the difference in the world! 


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