Forever Flawless: No-one Comes to us Cold! Brides do their Research

Caroline Balinska had been in the makeup and hair industry freelancing and contracting for 13 years when she decided to upscale her client base and create Forever Flawless Hair and Makeup. The business provides a professional mobile service mainly for brides, but also for special occasions, film, TV, photographic work and hairdressing. Over the last 4 years, the business has grown to have 10 people working with Caroline – each with 10+ years experience. She attributes much of this growth to the stellar reputation she’s built – which comes from her determination to keep customer satisfaction her number one priority.
Caroline from Forever Flawless
Caroline knew a visible online reputation would be extremely important because; “brides are accustomed to using reviews and forums on bridal sites to guide their decisions. No-one comes to us cold – all brides do their research!”
To help build their visibility of their reputation, Caroline joined WOMO’s Happy Customers Program after noticing that a few of her clients had submitted reviews. “When I analysed our traffic via Google Analytics, I could see that quite a few of our enquiries were coming directly from those reviews and lots of people were already saying they’d seen our good feedback. I love the idea of getting more exposure for our reviews and using this to promote the business.”
“Online reviews work really well for us. We’re not the cheapest in our industry, but brides can see from our reviews we offer a different level of service. There are lots of disaster stories out there about make-up artists no showing up on the wedding day – our clients know that there is no chance of this happening with us! When brides read our reviews, it takes the fear away. They know we’re a business they can trust – and they can see that our clients are thrilled with our work.”
“Customer service is definitely the most important aspect of our business – it’s what differentiates our business from all the rest. As we’ve grown, we’ve been able to maintain our focus on customers mainly be being very choosy about our team. Everyone has at least 10 years of industry experience and all of our girls are excellent practitioners and loved by customers.”
“I actually have a couple of businesses so these days I actually only spend around 1 hour a week on Forever Flawless – and this is the time I spend on reviews. It’s my number 1 priority! I email our recent clients and ask them to submit feedback via a review or to contact me if they’ve had any issues. And whenever we get a new review, I send it to staff and share it on our Facebook page. The whole process is very simple but it ensures that we’re all focused on making sure each and every one of our customers is happy.”

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