Customer Reviews contribute over 20 per cent of Stain Busters New Customers

"I was very sceptical when a WOMO consultant suggested Stain Busters use customer reviews to promote the business," admits David Pennell, the CEO of Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning. "But the cost point to trial it for 6 months was very reasonable, so we thought it was well worth a try."
David says they had no idea so many people would be searching for reviews online and looking on WOMO for carpet cleaning services, but has come to be an avid believer.
"The best thing is, once people see our reviews, they already trust us and they come ready to book. They're not asking for a price, they're saying they want a particular one of our service guys. In their minds they've mentally made the purchase."
Most importantly though, David tracks where customers originate from and is confident that WOMO delivers lots of new customers. He says;
"Over 20% of our new customers come directly from – and many more would have been influenced by seeing the reviews either on our website or in their web searching."
"With our technicians, we try to make it part of the job to finish up with asking for a review. They actually use a bit of friendly competition between them to get more reviews. Customers seem to respond really well to this as they want to help out the technician who provided the service to them. We also give a small gift (some cleaning product) as a thank you for leaving  a review."
"Using the Happy Customers Program has really helped us drive a very customer focussed culture – it's had a big impact. We actually give out a framed certificate at the end of each quarter to the technicians listing all of their good reviews. It's been very good for morale."

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