Businesses: Print your Reviews (downloadable PDF)

Based on feedback from businesses, we're pleased to say we've now built an easy way for you to print your reviews with a downloadable PDF.

This means that you can display them in your window, create a book to show potential clients, or enclose them with quotes and proposals.

Here's how to Print Your Reviews

  • Log in to the Business Owners section (or click through the link when you're sent an email notifying you of a new review)
  • Click on Manage Your Reviews
  • Click on Manage Reviews
  • There you'll see all of your reviews listed in order of recency. Under each review, there are now 3 buttons: "Comment on this Review", "Printable PDF", "Flag as Suspect or Inappropriate"
  • Click on Printable PDF – depending on your computer setup, this will usually show you a preview of the PDF and from here you can either PRINT or SAVE the PDF. If your computer can't show the preview, it will download the PDF of the review to your computer

New Feature

Printable PDF of your Review

Easy hey?! Now you can get even more leverage from your reviews!



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