Business Survey Results

We recently surveyed the businesses that use WOMO's Happy Customers Program to see what kinds of results they're getting. The results are staggering with the program not only helping businesses build trust and gain new clients, but also transforming many businesses from the inside-out.

Survey results

Considering trust is the foundation of any transaction, online reviews are having an enormous impact on thousands of small-medium Australian businesses. It's interesting to note as well that a quarter of the businesses felt that the Happy Customers Program has helped them turn around a negative customer situation and potentially avoid or minimise a bad review. Almost half of the businesses found that customer reviews help them attract a higher quality of customer – usually one that's less price sensitive and more quality oriented. Plus, many businesses feel that they have to do less upfront to earn their customers trust as the reviews are doing that for them.

But probably best of all, the customer reviews help everyone in the business feel better! We all like to feel appreciated and to know that our efforts are making a difference to customers and there's nothing better than a motivated and happy team…. which of course leads to further improved customer service!

In the same survey, we also asked businesses on the Happy Customers Program what they would say to other businesses. Here's their advice… 

"If you're proud of what you do, work hard on your customer experience and want potential customers to know about it, WOMO gives you an easy way to do that. Any website can look flash, even some two-bit upstart working out of their garage, but a long history of positive reviews shows you're the real deal, you know what your doing, and you can be trusted to serve their needs. It gives a potential customer a reason to choose you over your competitors, who are, after all, just a click away."
Shane Heaton, Fresh Farm Organics

"I hate dealing with people in advertising, I get contacted almost every day by people who claim they can propel my business into the stratosphere. The Happy Customers Program is the only program that gets the results that my business needs. Like most, my business lives or dies on the strengths of my reviews."
Steve Stoward, Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

The yearly fee for the Happy Customers program paid for itself in the first month, and has been one of the best investments we have made in advertising. We work really hard to do our best for our clients, and take the pain out of doing their tax. But with 1,000s of other tax agents around, a potential client can't see any difference between us and our competitors. Womo helps us stand out from the pack, and reassures prospective clients that they will be treated well and looked after.
Jarrod Rogers, Beyond Accountancy

Don't worry about the pathetic fee the program costs as that is received back easily with just the first client. This is the greatest thing we have done for our business – a systematic approach to collecting and displaying customer feedback and it's all done for us! It re-inforces how much we value what clients and others say about us. It is a third-party website that we can't interfere with and we find that customers really respect that. It also helps to have done very well (!) with WOMO in the past 2 years personally (back to back Winners!!) as the paperwork from WOMO I believe helps us convince people that we are passionate about what we do and back up what we say.
Paul King, Full House Removals Group

Tradesmen are renowned for bad customer service and unreliability, and sometimes dodgy workmanship. With a tradesman, you don't know until it's too late if they have poor workmanship, even if they seemed friendly at the quote. With the program, people have the reassurance of seeing happy previous customers and positive feedback.
Michael Hills, Nottinghill Tiling

This is the best move I ever made in my feedback process of my customer program… Much better value than a Yellow Pages ad or an ad in the newspaper!
Ron Bentley, The Beauty Academy

Nothing give us more satisfaction than helping good businesses succeed, so if you're wondering whether WOMO can help your business, please call us on 1300 496 669, email us, or check out the Happy Customers Program here.

These results are based on the 273 businesses that responded to the WOMO Happy Customers Program Survey. 


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