Brighton Glass: Our reviews show we’re a reputable business!

Leeanne from Brighton Glass
"Customers are looking for that reassurance and our WOMO reviews help us show that we're a reputable business. We joined WOMO's Happy Customers Program back in early 2011 and it’s the best marketing the business has ever done!"

Before joining WOMO's Happy Customers Program, Leeanne of Brighton Glass was advertising with Yellow Pages.

“We used Yellow Pages for a while before going with WOMO and found that we weren’t getting anything out of it. We were paying between $350 – $500 a month to advertise our business online and in the book and couldn’t see any benefit from it.”

Since joining onto WOMO’s Happy Customers Program in 2011, Leeanne has seen amazing growth in the business.

“We get new customers mentioning our WOMO reviews every month and they're always saying how great it is to see that real feedback. They found that it made their decision so much easier because it gave them peace of mind that we're going to do a good job.

When people are calling in asking for quotes, more and more of them are also looking for additional information about our business before deciding to go with us.

Now we also hand them the WOMO Customer-Recommends flyers so that they can see the reviews we have online. We find that customers are looking for that reassurance; that a job is going to get done properly and by a reputable business – that they’re choosing a legitimate glazier with years of experience. We've found that our customer reviews help us build that trust with customers.”

When Leeanne signed Brighton Glass onto the Happy Customers Program back in 2011, her business had three customer reviews. Fast-forward just 18 months and the business now has twenty-six 5/5 star reviews. What this shows, is that if you're a business, focused on customer service and are good at your craft, it's really easy for you to utilise customer reviews to grow your business too.

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