80% of new clients come to us based on our reviews

Ladyz Only Hair & Beauty Lounge Room is the brainchild of Dianne Wagemaker, who noticed that many of her friends wanted a women’s only hair salon. She did her research and then rebranded and designed a new salon totally around the needs of her customer base. She’s since built a reputation that is hard to match. The business has grown by over 30% year on year for the last three years, they’ve recently moved to larger premises, and they’re about to put on their sixth team member. The Ladyz Only team Dianne on the left with her team: Queena, Safa, Dalal, and Mandy

Dianne says; “I believe in reviews to build our reputation. I don’t use computers much – but my customers sure do! When customers leave positive feedback, we know that will get our phone ringing with more customers.”
“We pride ourselves on being Sydney’s best woman’s only hair salon and this has come about based on our customer reviews. I’d say 80% of our new clients come to us based on our reviews. It’s really how we compete in the market and what makes us different from other salons. We’ve done lots of other marketing – radio, tv, pamphlets, you name it! But we know exactly how we’re getting our clientele as we track it closely in our booking system.”
“Our approach to customer service is that we take the time to talk to people. We provide great training to staff – both in hair and also in customer service. Plus I’m always in the salon making sure that everyone leaves happy.”
“We have the WOMO ‘Review Us’ pamphlets on every station right in front of clients and stickers up letting people know that we put ourselves out there based on customer feedback. It encourages more people to leave reviews and reminds us all that each customer has a say in our ongoing reputation.”
“I encourage all kinds of reviews as they always help us grow and improve. We quote every customer before we start their service, so that they're informed and we understand exactly what they want. It really pays to listen to what customers are saying. I’m always really excited each time I get an email saying we’ve got a new review!”
“For us, our number one is good customer service. The experience we provide leaves a lasting impression and that’s what we feel good about. It’s a genuine care for customers and an interest in their lives. Lots of my clients have become friends – I’ve even been to a few of their weddings!”

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