30-40% of New Patients Book Just Because of Our Reviews

When people are looking for services related to their health or appearance, the key thing is trust. The difference between a great practitioner and someone that's just 'meh' can be enormous.

Shaun Hunt from The Melbourne Cosmetic Group understands that well. It's one thing to have happy customers, but sometimes communicating that can be a challenge. Two years ago, he decided to display real customer feedback on the front of their webpage using the WOMO Widget (see image below).

WOMO Widget on Webpage"Showing customer reviews on our website increases our credibility. People say they don't trust testimonials, but this is different as the reviews are totally independent through WOMO."

"We also include the Service Award badges that we've won on our website and in our email signatures."

"In the last 12 months, our bookings have grown by 30% and 30-40% of our new patients come in just because of our reviews."

"We've tried advertising – in local papers, Facebook, letterbox drops and other directories – but we've cut all of that back. The best and cheapest form of advertising comes from what our customers say about us."

"We simply listen to clients, supply what they want and do so in a friendly and efficient manner. We're reasonably affordable and we genuinely love helping people. It's great that other people can get a real insight into what we're really like before spending a cent."

"We're building our business based on reputation. Every new client is a chance to add to that and we strive to ensure every client has a positive experience. We're always excited when we get a new review!"

The Melbourne Cosmetic Group provides non-surgical cosmetic procedures as well as skin cancer checks and removal, varicose vein treatments and more.

>> Click here to see the WOMO Listing for The Melbourne Cosmetic Group <<
>> Click here to see their website showing the reviews widget <<

The WOMO Widget is available to businesses in the Happy Customers Program. Find out more information about it here.



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