12 Tips to Get More Reviews (and more customers)

Lots of Reviews gets you Lots of CustomersPeople trust reviews – much more than advertising. Positive reviews greatly increase your conversion from browsers to buyers. Did you realise that 78% of people trust consumer recommendations above ALL other types of advertising and marketing (Neilsen research).

At WOMO, we see very clearly that the more positive reviews a business has, the more enquiries they get. But how do you go about getting great reviews? Based on the businesses that attract the most reviews, we've provided here our top tips to get more customer reviews…

1) Smile and Talk to Customers!

A novel idea, but if you build rapport upfront, you'll find it MUCH easier to ask for a review after you've provided the service. PLUS, they're much more likely to love your service if they like you!

2) Ask Customers if they've seen your other Reviews

Even if you know they didn't see your reviews, ask if they did – that way they'll know how important reviews are to your business. Plus, you want to know how they found your business anyway.

3) Show them Feedback is Important

Display evidence of your reviews in your shop, on a sign, on your website, at your point-of-sale, in your email signature. Make it clear to everyone that customer feedback and word-of-mouth is the currency your business lives on. (If you would like the code for the WOMO widget to put on your website, please contact us.)

4) Ask for a Review

Don't be shy or embarrassed – asking your customers for feedback will actually increase their satisfaction! Just ask whether they were happy with their experience today, and then ask whether they'd mind reviewing your business on WOMO. Tell them it only takes a moment and word-of-mouth really helps your business.

Review Us Flyer5) Hand them a Flyer

If you're in WOMO's Happy Customers Program, you'll already have your customised flyers to hand out to clients (let us know whenever you need more). These give people simple instructions to review your business and also provide a visual reminder to actually do it. (You can also mail these out or include them in orders but you'll get a higher response rate if you speak to customers about it.)

6) Email a Request

If you don't physically come into contact with your clients, you can email them a request for a review. Remember to include the link to your WOMO listing and contact us if you'd like an email template to use for this. You can also email people a reminder a few days after you've given them a flyer.

7) Use Laptops / iPads in your store

While customers are being served or waiting, it's the perfect time to ask them for a review and then hand them the iPad with your WOMO page open. This works beautifully for some businesses and one hairdresser has recently climbed to almost 100 reviews using this method.

8) Have a "Review Us" button on your website

WOMO can provide you with a simple line of code to include on your website which creates a button and allows the customer to review your business without leaving your website. Please email us and ask for the code for your business.

9) Input Existing Feedback

If customers have emailed or mailed you letters of praise, you can actually log into your WOMO account and enter this as a review on behalf of your customer. You'll need the customer's email address and this only goes live once the customer approves it.

10) Add an Incentive

To boost up the number of reviews for your business, an extra incentive can work wonders. Of course you can't make any requirement on the type of review customers leave, but you can say something like "everyone that enters a review goes in the draw to win…" or "enter a review this month and you'll get $xx off your next booking".

11) Get Staff Onboard & Make it Fun

Make sure all of your staff know how important reviews are to your business. Celebrate each positive review internally or even hold a competition to see who can get the most positive mentions in reviews.

12) Respond to Customer Reviews

Let people know that you're listening and appreciate their feedback. A public response shows everyone that you care about customers and their experience. Check out our tips for responding to positive reviews and responding to negative reviews.

Most businesses find that the more reviews they have, the easier it is to attract more reviews. It's a snowball effect because you'll attract customers that are influenced by reviews, and these people tend to review the businesses they use. As an initial goal, we encourage businesses to aim for 10 reviews. Once you reach this, you'll almost certainly be getting enquiries and new customers and you won't want to stop.

Good luck!

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