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"More customers are researching online – reputation has become such a key part of our business."

Award winning international fashion designer, Judith Penak arrived in Australia in 1991, and after designing and making some very popular custom made dresses, she and her husband decided to open Black Rose Couture (now Judith Penak Couture).

“Fashion has always been my passion; artistic genes have run through my family, and creativity is something that is part of me.”

Like most successful entrepreneurs, Judith is incredibly passionate about her business, but more importantly, about the creations she makes for her clients. “I am inspired by womens’ inner beauty and the aura that shines out when I first meet them. Gowns are like a unique, individual piece of art. They awaken our fantasies of being surrounded by beauty, happiness and motivate us to open up the depths of our souls and express our inner beauty.”

Judith Penak Couture has always relied on referrals – directly from clients, from the fabric shops they deal with, and more recently, online reviews. “Our reputation is extremely important. Most women are spending $500-$5000 on a gown for their wedding or an important event. They want to know they can rely on me to deliver on their vision! It’s a scary decision because they can’t see the finished product until they’ve engaged us.”

“We’re finding that more and more people are doing their research online, and it’s become clear that feedback from other clients is incredibly important. When we finish a gown, we ask customers to write up a review describing their experience and the finished outcome – it becomes another chapter in the story of our business and gives people confidence in choosing us.”

“The haute couture industry has been quite slow over the last few years due to the economic climate, but we weathered the downturn well and still getting lots of enquiries and orders.”

By utilising the tools (eg Review-Us flyers) included in the Happy Customers Program, Judith has done a fantastic job in encouraging existing customers to review their experiences with her business – resulting in lots of new clients and enquiries coming to her based on the reviews.

Judith Penak Couture has been part of WOMO's Happy Customers Program for over 2 years and attributes much of her business' growth and success to the reputation her clients have helped her build.

She specialises in wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, mother-of-the bride gowns, designer gowns for special events, and adjustments/alterations.


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